The Refining Industry Strategy Mid-Century Strategy and Transition for Liquid Fuels – an Industrial Opportunity

18/04/2018 in Industry Event Grand Hotel Sofia, 1 Gurko Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

The conference in Sofia was the opportunity for the refining industry to present its long –term Vision 2050 and discuss this industrial strategy for a low-carbon transition.

Transport is the most complex sector to decarbonise and the first session of the event was therefore dedicated to technologies for decarbonisation in the sector.

The second session was focused on the cooperation among industrial sectors with an emphasis on the related advantages from such collaboration to develop a robust circular economy approach, reinforce the value chains and develop a policy framework that could support this industrial and technological strategy for Europe by attracting investments.

You can download the programme of the event and the presentations of the speakers here:



SESSION 1: The push for new technologies in transport fuels

SESSION 2 – Cooperation between industrial sectors