ENVI Committee rejection of Commission proposal to achieve the 6% GHG reduction from fuels by 2020 could create huge uncertainty on how the hundreds of European fuels suppliers can comply with this ambitious obligation.

Posted on 03/12/2014 in Press Release

FuelsEurope regrets the ENVI Committee’s decision to support the motion for resolution objecting the Commission’s proposal laying down calculation methods and reporting requirements under the Fuel Quality Directive (Art.7a).

This balanced proposal, supported by the Commission, Member States and Industry, aims at achieving the ambitious 6% GHG emission reduction in road fuels by 2020 set by the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) in the most efficient and realistic way However, today’s ENVI decision if adopted in plenary would undo, the 5-year long process needed to develop this proposal, and will create huge uncertainty for the hundreds of European fuels suppliers.

The legislative process to define a methodology for FQD article 7a will have to be started all over again, and will postpone the implementation of the last legislative piece of the 2009 Climate and Energy Package, leaving the EU and EU fuel suppliers without a methodology to comply with the Fuel Quality Directive 6% GHG intensity reduction target for fuels for transport by 2020.

FuelsEurope calls on the European Parliament to allow the Commission’s proposal to become a stepping stone for all parties to work towards achieving the ambitious goals of the Fuel Quality Directive.