Europia becomes FuelsEurope

Posted on 03/06/2014 in Press Release

Brussels, 4 June 2014: Europia, representing the interest of 43 Companies operating refineries in the EU, becomes FuelsEurope as of the 1st of June 2014.

Europia, was founded 25 years ago and now represents the interests of 43 companies operating refineries in the EU.
As 2014 brings a new 5 year cycle of EU institutions with Parliamentary elections and new Commissioners being chosen, its
members decided to change the name of the organisation to FuelsEurope as of the 1st of June 2014.

FuelsEurope will continue the development of advocacy for European Refining started by Europia. FuelsEurope reflects the key role of the association members in Europe: Refining products for our everyday life. Its members’ 100 fuels and specialty refineries remain essential to fuel Europe’s economy, for reliable and cost competitive supplies of oil products to 500 million consumers and for the high skilled jobs and technology they bring to their respective regions and Member States.

Over ninety percent of all transport is fuelled by its products and many refined products are essential for the industrial value chain.

European society as a whole, including refining faces many conflicting challenges: reliable and affordable energy for Europe, manufacturing industry that is internationally competitive, a return to economic growth, jobs and opportunities for its citizens and at the same time ever improving living and environmental standards.

Michel Bénézit, FuelsEurope President, commented “I am confident that FuelsEurope can continue what Europia started: play a leading role in representing the refining industry in Europe and so contribute constructively to the policy debate at European and Member States levels based upon sound science and evidence”.

FuelsEurope will complement its new identity with a new website,, and you can also follow us on twitter, You Tube and Facebook.