EUROPIA “Contribution to EU energy pathways to 2050” shows that oil will still be an important share of energy supply in the planned “low carbon” EU by 2050

Posted on 20/09/2011 in Press Release

According to the most recent IEA scenarios, the demand for oil products might decline in the EU by 11 % by 2030 and up to 50% by 2050, but refined oil products will still represent a share of close to 30% of primary energy demand in the EU by 2030 and potentially 20% by 2050. This main conclusion, the need to secure supply of oil products in the projected low carbon future and the potential risks for EU jobs,
technological leadership and carbon leakage associated with an accelerated disengagement of the refining industry in the EU, are outlined in the “Contribution to EU energy pathways to 2050”, published by EUROPIA, the European Petroleum Industry Association, representing the EU refining and marketing industry, together with key recommendations for the Commission Energy Roadmap.