FuelsEurope is concerned by the several proposals restricting or banning use of diesel vehicles into cities

Posted on 17/06/2015 in News

As a result of a continued R&D effort of the oil refining and of the automotive industry, as well as major investments over the last decades, clean diesel fuels have enabled the development of diesel vehicles with the lowest tailpipe emissions in the world.

The EURO 6 standard (applicable to all new car sold from September 2015 on) and the ever wider utilization of advanced technique like the start/stop function, are further reducing the impact of diesel vehicles on urban air quality.

FuelsEurope believes that, to avoid detrimental impacts on urban mobility, authorities should rather focus on measures which would more effectively address the transport-related air pollution, including:

– Enforcement of maintenance standard and regular control of emissions from the
vehicles in use;
– Facilitate the turnover of the vehicle fleet, including an accelerated scrappage of the
oldest and most polluting vehicles;
– Adoption of smart traffic control systems
– Address non-road applications

We believe that the implementation of such measures would substantially address the air quality concerns whilst maintaining the practicality and cost-effectiveness of modern diesel vehicles.