FuelsEurope presents its position on Climate Change and launches the Save More Than Fuel campaign as a contribution to reducing emissions.

Posted on 03/11/2015 in News

As an industry we recognise that Climate Change is a global challenge, requiring global action. FuelsEurope supports the efforts of the international community to address the risks of climate change. FuelsEurope also believes that the refining industry has a role to play:  by providing compatible fuels to ever more energy efficient vehicles; by supplying raw material for some of the products which are essential for a low carbon economy; by supporting research and developing cutting-edge technologies to reduce emissions and environmental impact; and by promoting an “energy-conscious” behaviour of its customers.

In order to translate words into action, FuelsEurope launches the Save More Than Fuel campaign recommending 10 tips to drive more efficiently and reduce emissions. The campaign is visible on www.savemorethanfuel.eu and is translated in 22 EU languages.