FuelsEurope presents its position on Climate Change and launches the Save More Than Fuel campaign as a contribution to reducing emissions

Posted on 03/11/2015 in Press Release

FuelsEurope calls for an effective global agreement at COP21 and in support of the conference objectives launches its Save More than Fuel campaign, promoting efficient driving behaviour to reduce emissions.

Brussels, 3 November 2015: FuelsEurope recognises that climate change is real and warrants action. FuelsEurope supports the efforts of the international community to address the risks of climate change and believes that effective measures must be undertaken by all significant world economies under an effective and clear international agreement. The European refining industry also believes it has a role to plays and can contribute to the growing global demand for energy while at the same time limiting the emission of greenhouse gases. In this perspective, the EU refining industry launches its “Save more than fuel” campaign promoting a more “energy-conscious” behaviour of its customers.

FuelsEurope recognises that Climate change is a global challenge requiring global actions. Therefore, the upcoming 21st Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 21) is an important opportunity to achieve a global commitment for the reduction of GHG while at the same time being effective and compatible with the need to satisfy the growing global energy demand.

John Cooper, Director General FuelsEurope stated “answering the growing global demand for energy while at the same time limiting the emission of greenhouse gases is one of the most critical challengesof our time. Petroleum transport fuels remain vital to Europe’s citizens and economy, and so far, effective renewable replacements are limited in supply and have much higher costs. This means that we need to continue the drive for fuel efficiency, not only with the vehicles but with drivers too”.

The EU refining industry plays an important role as a secure, reliable and resilient provider of energy, in the form of its fuel products, to the EU economy. Petroleum products supply 90% of mobility, are a key contributor to living standards and are intrinsically linked to business value chains and economic growth. They also supply 2/3 of the raw material to the EU petrochemical industry which is converted into lightweight plastics, insulation materials and other essential components of the low carbon economy.

Efficiency is also important in the refining process itself. Independent studies have shown that Europe’s refineries have achieved world leadership in terms of efficient use of energy and lower carbon intensity from production activities. Since it is generally believed that oil products will be needed in the EU and in the rest of the world for many years to come, manufacturing them in Europe is the best way to minimize global GHG emissions.

John Cooper added “As a strong signal of our desire to play our part, I am pleased to announce that today the EU refining industry launches its Save more than fuel campaign promoting “energy-conscious” behaviour for our customers.” He added “the campaign suggests 10 tips to our customers to drive more efficiently and reduce emissions. Efficient driving has no cost but only benefits, it reduces fuel consumption which in turn contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and improving Air Quality.”

Alain Mathuren, Communication Manager noted that “to ensure a broad coverage and notable impact in the EU, the campaign has been translated into 22 official EU languages, can be found on a dedicated website www.savemorethanfuel.eu and will be promoted through all our social media channels”.

John Cooper concluded, “We hope that all users of our products will take on board our recommendations and make a contribution to the global challenge of reducing emissions”.