In 2050, low-carbon liquid fuels could reduce net GHG emissions from passenger cars & vans by 87% compared to 2015

Posted on 24/09/2018 in Press Release

Two important studies are published today, the refining industry’s long-term strategy for low-carbon liquid fuels and a study by Ricardo Plc examining a scenario for near-full electrification of light-duty vehicles and comparing it with a combination of low-carbon liquid fuels and electrification scenario. These two studies show that a low-carbon liquid fuel strategy could reduce net CO2 emissions from transport by up to 87% compared to 2015, similar to that achieved by an ambitious EV scenario. This strategy offers a global solution for transport including the very challenging segments, aviation, marine & heavy-duty road transport. This technology-neutral approach would allow many technologies to compete and to contribute to the overall objective of reducing GHG emissions from transport. The study also shows that this scenario could be more affordable for Member States’ public finance through 50% lower investment requirements for EV charging and network infrastructure, and less reduction in tax revenues.