The 9th Refining Forum finds the EU refining Vision 2050 and Commission Strategic Long-Term Vision aligned on the important role of liquid fuels and CCS to reduce GHG emissions from transport and industry

Posted on 12/12/2018 in Press Release

The ninth edition of the EU Refining Forum, which took place on 7 December, allowed in depth discussions between the Commission, Member States, Experts and Industry on the Commission Strategic Long-Term Vision and the refining industry’s Vision 2050, its long term strategy for low-carbon liquid fuels. The participants recognised the important role and share of liquid fuels in the 2050 energy mix for mobility, and of CCS as a key technology for Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) to meet the 2050 objectives. Industry called for an EU-wide ambitious industrial policy to enable EU industry to deploy the low-carbon technologies required to reduce its GHG emissions, supported by a robust sustainable finance package and a policy framework that addresses the challenge of embedded carbon in imported products, to attract investments in the EU.