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12/01/2021 News

Genuine technology neutrality in transport benefits 2050 climate targets

In the frame of the European Green Deal, the 27 EU heads of state finally agreed on an increase of the 2030 climate targets to 55 percent greenhouse gas emission reduction. This decision, aimed at ensuring that the EU is on track for achieving its 2050 climate neutrality objective, will prompt the review of many regulations necessary to achieve the new 2030 target. This increased ambition will onl

12/01/2021 News

EU refiners call for action to unlock low-carbon investment

The EU Green Deal is at the heart of the EU economic recovery. Industries have an enormous opportunity to take bold climate action to meet society’s expectations and future proof their businesses. For one thing, EU refiners share the EU’s climate neutrality objectives and have confidence in their ability to develop low-carbon technologies at scale, to enable the progressive decarbonization

Position Papers

05/12/2020 Position Paper

The industry view on the IV amendment of the European Commission Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive

FuelsEurope and Petrochemicals Europe, representing the EU Refining industry and the Petrochemical sector, essential actors in the chemicals’ supply chain support the Proposal for the fourth amendment to the Carcinogens or Mutagens at Work Directive (CMD, 2004/37/EC) as adopted by the European Commission on 22nd September 20201. This amendment introduces the revised Occupation Exposure Level (OE

23/10/2020 Position Paper

FuelsEurope position on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in shipping

Shipping is the backbone of international trade and commerce and an indispensable driver of EU prosperity. At the same time, maritime transport was responsible for the emission of 1,076 million tonnes of GHG in 2018, about 2.9% of global anthropogenic GHG emissions, according to the 4th IMO GHG study. Shipping emissions are projected to increase from 90% of 2008 emissions in 2018 to 90% and 130% o

23/10/2020 Position Paper

FuelsEurope position on regulatory options to promote a faster deployment of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in the EU

Since aviation is primarily a global industry, global commitments are preferred over regional initiatives to ensure the competitiveness of the aviation sector and its supply of fuel. The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the aviation sector has created the need for support to both ensure quick recovery while maintaining the transition to a sustainable aviation sector.

Press Releases

22/02/2021 Press Release

Overall consensus at the 10th Refining Forum: Refining’s transition to low-carbon liquid fuels is an essential part of the strategy for climate neutrality in industry and transport

The 10th High Level Meeting of the Refining Forum hosted by Commissioner Simson and DG Energy took place on Thursday 18 February. The meeting also involved representatives from other Commission services, the Parliament, Member States, industry, and civil society. Participants stressed the critical role of biofuels and e-fuels in all transport sectors and welcomed the creation of the Renewable &

01/02/2021 Press Release

The Commission has made an important step towards a Renewable Liquid Fuels Strategy for Europe

Since the launch of its Clean Fuels for All pathway in June 2020, FuelsEurope has called for a high-level multi-stakeholder dialogue to design the required policy framework. The EU needs a renewable liquid fuels strategy. FuelsEurope welcomes the Commission’s intention to create a Renewable and Low Carbon Fuels Value Chain Alliance, a constructive step towards a robust renewable liquid fuels str


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