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03/03/2022 News

Statement on the acts of war against Ukraine

FuelsEurope and Concawe, in line with the voices in our industry, condemn the acts of war against Ukraine and the violation of international law, and we stand by the Ukrainian citizens as they are pus...

14/07/2021 News

President Luis Cabra on Carbon leakage protection in the revised ETS and the CO2 standards for vehicles

FuelsEurope President Luis Cabra presents our proposal to strengthen carbon leakage protection in the upcoming revision of the ETS and explains why the revision of CO2 standards for cars and vans is a...

19/05/2021 News

ReFuels Week: Understanding the role of low-carbon liquid fuels in enabling climate-neutral transport

  Webinars by FuelsEurope FuelsEurope is delighted to present you its webinar series on “Understanding the role of low-carbon liquid fuels in enabling climate-neutral transport”, wh...

12/01/2021 News

Genuine technology neutrality in transport benefits 2050 climate targets

In the frame of the European Green Deal, the 27 EU heads of state finally agreed on an increase of the 2030 climate targets to 55 percent greenhouse gas emission reduction. This decision, aimed at ens...

12/01/2021 News

EU refiners call for action to unlock low-carbon investment

The EU Green Deal is at the heart of the EU economic recovery. Industries have an enormous opportunity to take bold climate action to meet society’s expectations and future proof their businesses....

03/12/2019 News

Open letter on sector coupling and integration by power-to-X: A key to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050

26/11/2019 News

Industry4Europe has issued its Joint Paper ‘A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action’

The Industry4Europe coalition has today issued its new Joint Paper ‘A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action’. Through cross-sectoral recommendations, the Indust...

12/03/2019 News

EU and UK business: No deal Brexit is a no-win outcome that must be avoided

13/02/2019 News

Statement of the Marine Fuels Platform ahead of the IMO PPR 6 meeting (18-22 February 2019)

05/02/2019 News

EU Industry Open Doors 2019

  The EU Industry Days is the flagship event on industrial policy and it is organized by the European Commission and key stakeholders. In this context, the EU Industry Open Doors 2019 a...

17/12/2018 News

Statement from the Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries on the Sustainable Finance Proposal

10/12/2018 News

Lubricants and base oils should not be included under the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS)

26/11/2018 News

Why technology neutrality is much wiser than Technology Exclusion

23/11/2018 News

2nd Expert Meeting of the EU Refining Forum

The second expert meeting of the EU Refining Forum will take place on 7th December 2018 (Friday), between 9:00 and 14:00 in Brussels. The overreaching theme will be the EU Strategy for long-term g...

12/11/2018 News

FuelsEurope – Comments on recognition of renewable fuels in vehicle CO2 regulation

25/10/2018 News

Statement by Energy Intensive Industries on the motion for a resolution of the European Parliament on the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland (COP24)

23/10/2018 News

FuelsEurope voting recommendations to EP resolution on COP24

17/10/2018 News

Marine Fuels 2020 Statement ahead of the IMO MEPC 73 meeting (22-26 October 2018)

17/10/2018 News

Low-Carbon Fuels to play an important role in the HDVs sector

05/10/2018 News

IMO meetings on consistent implementation of the global sulphur limit as of 1.01.2020 – Balanced industry guidance on safe handling of 0.50% marine fuels together with harmonized

02/10/2018 News

FuelsEurope statement on vehicle efficiency standards post-2020 (CO2 in cars and vans) – A call for the recognition of fuel CO2 reduction contribution to vehicle efficiency standards

11/07/2018 News

FuelsEurope statement on illegal fiscal activities in the fuel business (“grey economy”)

18/06/2018 News

FuelsEurope Annual Conference “Transitioning to low-carbon liquid fuels – Long term Planning”

Find here the presentations from the FuelsEurope Annual Conference 2018, which took place on Tuesday 5th of June at the Concert Noble in Brussels....

04/12/2017 News

EURO 6d Diesel Performance & Impact on Urban Air Quality

Please click here to download the presentation.      ...

27/11/2017 News

FuelsEurope’s Considerations on Urban Air Quality

13/11/2017 News

Call from the Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries to safeguard the competitiveness of the Energy Union

10/11/2017 News Press Release

FuelsEurope – Recommendation on the WFD revision ahead of trilogue (Waste Oils)

The European Parliament report on the WFD revision, adopted on 13 March 2017 includes provisions mandating an unconditional separate collection of waste oils as well as the achievement of an 85% regen...

31/10/2017 News

FuelsEurope letter to European Policy Makers

24/10/2017 News

For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

Joint Industry Paper in reaction to the Communication of the European Commission "Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable industry: A renewed Industrial Policy Strategy".  ...

23/05/2017 News

Statement from the Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries on the Clean Energy for all Europeans Package

24/04/2017 News

“No trade-off on Fairness” Recommendations from the Alliance for a fair ETS

“No trade-off on Fairness”Recommendations from the Alliance for a fair ETS

30/03/2017 News

Comment on Bellona Brief: Meeting European Air Quality targets, latest technology Euro 6 petrol and diesel, and electro-mobility; why all will contribute

17/03/2017 News

FuelsEurope Position Paper on implementing measures development by IMO on the global sulphur cap introduction as of 1 January 2020

27/02/2017 News

Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

27/01/2017 News

Energy-intensive industries call for full rejection of tiered approach

26/01/2017 News

Motor vehicle manufacturers and fuel industry call for harmonised introduction of fuel identifiers

07/12/2016 News

OPINION: Electric vehicles & Internal Combustion engine: Key facts they forget to tell you

05/07/2016 News

Peer Review of CE DEFLT and Öko-Institut: Study on ex-post investigation of cost pass-through in the EU ETS

The report provides a Peer review of the study “Ex-post Investigation of Cost Pass-Though in the EU ETS: an analysis of six sectors” produced by CE-Delft and Oeko Institut and published by the EU Commission in November 2015, which investigates carbon costs pass-through across iron and steel, refineries, cement, organic basic chemicals, fertilizer, and glass. The peer review, which has looked at relevant sections for refineries and organic basic chemicals, demonstrates why the results produced by CE DELFT for these two sectors cannot be used as direct policy recommendations.

28/06/2016 News

The Annual Review 2015-2016 is now out

11/01/2016 News

Publicaton of the SWD on Refining Fitness Check

26/11/2015 News

FuelsEurope open letter calling for an effective and binding global agreement at COP21

03/11/2015 News

FuelsEurope presents its position on Climate Change and launches the Save More Than Fuel campaign as a contribution to reducing emissions.

As an industry we recognise that Climate Change is a global challenge, requiring global action. FuelsEurope supports the efforts of the international community to address the risks of climate change....

09/07/2015 News

The competitiveness of Energy Intensive Industries is a pre-condition to EU growth

Open Statement to the European Commission

08/07/2015 News

Automotive and Petroleum Refining Industry: Open Letter on Diesel to EU Policy Makers

Dear EU policymaker, European vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, in cooperation with the refining industry, lead the world in the development of state-of-the-art diesel engine technology. W...

23/06/2015 News

Answer to written question on Energy Union and petroleum products

Question for written answer E-006797/2015 to the Commission by Elisabetta Gardini (PPE) Subject: Energy Union and petroleum products The Energy Union Package which the Commission published o...

17/06/2015 News

FuelsEurope is concerned by the several proposals restricting or banning use of diesel vehicles into cities

As a result of a continued R&D effort of the oil refining and of the automotive industry, as well as major investments over the last decades, clean diesel fuels have enabled the development of die...

09/06/2015 News

Pass-through of carbon costs is irrelevant to the carbon leakage debate for trade exposed industries

Cost pass-through is the process by which a producer or a manufacturer will offset increased costs by raising prices. These increased costs may be the consequence of several factors of the production...

17/02/2015 News

Interview: Dorothee Arns, Petrochemicals Europe, on the strengths and weaknesses of the Petrochemical industry

Petrochemicals Europe Executive Director Dorothee Arns was interviewed last week by Platts on the strengths and weaknesses of the Petrochemicals industry in Europe, in addition to providing an out...

29/10/2014 News

Europe’s payment users call for transparent card fees

The European Payment Users Alliance represents businesses and consumers across Europe. Our message for Europe’s politicians: we need an interchange fee regulation, which is transparent and harmonise...

30/09/2014 News

Joint FuelsEurope-ACEA position on the intention of France to introduce B8 diesel

Following the intention of France to introduce B8 diesel on the French market, ACEA, representing the European automobile industry, and FuelsEurope, representing the European petroleum refining indust...

22/01/2014 News

Read EUROPIA Press release on the Publication of the 2030 Climate & Energy Framework

Commission proposals on the 2030 energy and climate framework should have taken into account past experience: overlapping targets and unilateral GHG ambition is not the winning combination for a c...

27/11/2013 News

Read EUROPIA Press Release on the outcome of the 2nd EU Refining Forum.

At the 2nd Refining Forum chaired by DG Energy, the European refining Industry urged EU Leaders to take urgent action to tackle the competitive issues facing EU industry, including refining. Du...

01/07/2013 News

EUROPIA issued a Position Paper on the EU 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

This document presents EUROPIA’s (representing the European Petroleum Industry) contribution to the debate about the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies. GENERAL PRINCIPLES EUROPIA...