Press Releases

15/10/2020 Press Release

FuelsEurope welcomes the aims of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and is ready to contribute to make it work for EU citizens, industry and economy

FuelsEurope strongly supports the EU’s Chemicals Strategy objectives to better protect citizens and the environment and welcomes the recognition that REACH is a comprehensive regulatory framework, a...

17/09/2020 Press Release

Commission underestimates the potential of renewable and low-carbon fuels for climate neutrality

The Commission presented today the policy structure designed to implement the European Green Deal. FuelsEurope supports the EU’s ambition for climate neutrality by 2050, however limiting the role of...

14/09/2020 Press Release

FuelsEurope launches its website

FuelsEurope launches today a micro-website dedicated to the industry’s “Clean Fuels forAll” pathway which shows how low-carbon liquid fuels can contribute to achieving climate neutrality in tran...

15/06/2020 Press Release

EU refiners unveil pathway to climate neutrality by 2050

FuelsEurope presents today a pathway describing how low-carbon liquid fuels could enable the transport sector to contribute to EU’s climate neutrality objective by 2050. The pathway also shows that...

15/04/2020 Press Release

Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries comment on the draft 2030 Target Climate Plan

The Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries welcomes the opportunity to comment on the draft 2030 Target Climate Plan...

11/03/2020 Press Release

Industry4Europe issued a Press Release “European industries unite to call for an ambitious EU industrial strategy”

Industry4Europe, a coalition of 154 sector Associations representing the diversity of the EU’s industrial base, is pleased to receive the publication by the European Commission of its much-awaited N...

28/01/2020 Press Release

Heating with liquid fuels – The potential for liquid fuels to contribute to the EU´s energy and climate policy

Today a life without heating oil is unthinkable for 17% of Europeans who have no ecological and/or affordable alternative to heat their homes. How can we guarantee in times of energy transition that 2...

22/01/2020 Press Release

Outcome of the 3rd Expert meeting of the Refining Forum – January 2020

The third expert meeting of EU Refining Forum, which took place in the premises of the EU Commission, recognised the fundamental role of Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) in industrial value chains a...

15/01/2020 Press Release

FuelsEurope comments on the T&E Study – January 2020

Latest RICARDO study for T&E shows that the latest diesel technology is fully in compliance with EU emission limits and remarkably clean....

20/12/2019 Press Release

FuelsEurope Statement on Delegated act on renewable liquid and gaseous fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBO) covering their use as final fuel or as intermediate

FuelsEurope supports the development of the delegated act on the methodology to assess the GHG savings from RFNBOs....

19/12/2019 Press Release

Fuelling the energy transition: The EU taxonomy as an important step in mobilising climate finance to develop and deploy low-carbon technologies

The adoption of theTaxonomy is an important step towards mobilising investments for low-carbon technologies. To build on this, the EU should develop the technical screening criteria in a way that is m...

13/12/2019 Press Release

Joint statement for a Taxonomy Delivering Sustainable Growth in Europe

We welcome efforts to mobilise the financial sector in accelerating the move towards a prosperous and sustainable Europe in 2050....

11/12/2019 Press Release

FuelsEurope Statement on the European Commission’s Green Deal

FuelsEurope believes that its Vision 2050 is an important contribution including critical technologies and industrial solutions that could achieve carbon-neutrality in mobility and in the industrial v...

28/11/2019 Press Release

Energy Intensive Industries: all sectors of economy will have to work together to deliver on climate-neutrality

Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) want to contribute in a constructive manner to the development of policies enabling the transition to a climate-neutral economy by 2050. We, therefore, call for a di...

26/11/2019 Press Release

Industry4Europe has issued its Joint Paper ‘A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action’

TheJoint Paper presents concrete industrial policy proposals in seven priority fields; business-friendly policy environment, sustainability at business core, upgrade skills and training, enhanced rese...

25/10/2019 Press Release

FuelsEurope response to the report “Restricting Fossil Fuel Lobbying” published on 24 October 2019

Some NGOs are questioning whether FuelsEurope and its members should be able to contribute to the policy debate and regulatory processes. We published more than one year ago (2018) our Vision 2050, th...

26/04/2019 Press Release

Fostering innovation whilst ensuring competitiveness: The only paradigm for a successful transition of EU industry

The ninth edition of the High-Level Meeting of the Refining Forum which gathered representatives from the institutions, Member States, Civil Society and Industry concurred that the refining industry h...

24/04/2019 Press Release

The refining industry in the future and which policy framework to deploy low-carbon technologies debated at the 9th Refining Forum

22/03/2019 Press Release

FuelsEurope has been seriously misrepresented in statements included in Influence Map report “Big Oil’s Real Agenda on Climate Change”

07/03/2019 Press Release

A joint call to the Heads of State and Government

12/12/2018 Press Release

The 9th Refining Forum finds the EU refining Vision 2050 and Commission Strategic Long-Term Vision aligned on the important role of liquid fuels and CCS to reduce GHG emissions from transport and industry.

28/11/2018 Press Release

Joint call for an ambitious and comprehensive EU Industrial Strategy to enable industry’s contribution to the EU long-term GHG goals

26/09/2018 Press Release

Energy-intensive industries call for an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy to help the industry better contribute to the EU long-term GHG goals

24/09/2018 Press Release

In 2050, low-carbon liquid fuels could reduce net GHG emissions from passenger cars & vans by 87% compared to 2015

Two important studies are published today, the refining industry’s long-term strategy for low-carbon liquid fuels and a study by Ricardo Plc examining a scenario for near- full electrification of li...

21/06/2018 Press Release

Fuel labelling: Information to help consumers and operators choose right fuel now published

27/04/2018 Press Release

Commissioner Arias Cañete welcomes the Refining Industry’s Vision 2050 and expressed his confidence that the industry could contribute to meeting the long-term climate objectives

19/04/2018 Press Release

Vision 2050: EU Refining launches its low-carbon liquid fuels path to meet CO2 targets for transport

17/01/2018 Press Release

Energy Efficiency Directive should aim at an achievable EU-wide target, focus on cost-effectiveness and ensure flexibilities for energy savings delivery

04/12/2017 Press Release

FuelsEurope Press Release on Ricardo EURO 6d & AERIS Urban Air Quality expert studies

Expert studies shows that under real driving conditions latest technology diesel cars are compliant with EU emission limits for NOx and PM, resulting in air quality improvements in cities that are sim...

22/11/2017 Press Release

Heating with Liquid Fuels: Part of the solution for an affordable decarbonisation

10/11/2017 News Press Release

FuelsEurope – Recommendation on the WFD revision ahead of trilogue (Waste Oils)

08/11/2017 Press Release

A measured proposal but a missed opportunity to encourage all technologies to deliver solutions towards a low emissions transport system.

14/09/2017 Press Release

The Commission eventually heard the call from EU manufacturing industry for a genuine Industrial strategy for Europe

FuelsEurope welcomes the fact that the Commission has ultimately released a stance on industry in its Communication “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry, A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy” and its Annex “Next Steps on Key Actions”.

09/06/2017 Press Release

Dr. Bela Kelemen appointed as President of European Petroleum Refiners Association

31/05/2017 Press Release

Recommendations on Energy Union

03/02/2017 Press Release

The 7th Refining Forum concludes that EU refining is a strategic asset for the EU economy. Innovation and fair regulations are key enablers for international competitiveness

30/01/2017 Press Release

The EU Commission called the 7th EU Refining Forum on 2 February 2017

30/11/2016 Press Release

FuelsEurope Press Release on “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package

13/10/2016 Press Release

FuelsEurope Press Release on ITRE vote – EU ETS reform

08/09/2016 Press Release

Press Release – FuelsEurope Vision Paper on the Future of Transport

20/07/2016 Press Release

Communication on “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility”

20/07/2016 Press Release

FuelsEurope Press Release – Communication on “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility”

19/07/2016 Press Release

FuelsEurope comments on “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility”

13/07/2016 Press Release

FuelsEurope at the Informal Meeting of EU Energy Ministers in Bratislava: high energy prices result in a competitive disadvantage for the EU Refining industry

10/03/2016 Press Release

Transport and GHG reductions

02/03/2016 Press Release

6th EU Refining Forum Outcome

The 6th Refining Forum recognises the economic and social value of the European refining sector and calls for a continued review of the Fitness Check and its use in the dialogue on the impact of legislation.

25/02/2016 Press Release

The 6th EU Refining Forum taking place on 1 March 2016 in Brussels debates

18/12/2015 Press Release

COP21 – EU negotiators should be proud of what has been achieved in Paris, and should renew their efforts to ensure that it results in effective global action

09/12/2015 Press Release

The Refining Fitness Check shows significant impact of EU legislation on EU refineries’ loss of competitiveness

26/11/2015 Press Release

STATE OF THE ENERGY UNION: a welcome update, but no recognition of the role of petroleum

Brussels, 18 November 2015: FuelsEurope welcomes the first State of the Energy Union, as an important instrument to identify progress made and next steps for the achievement of the objectives of the E...

03/11/2015 Press Release

FuelsEurope presents its position on Climate Change and launches the Save More Than Fuel campaign as a contribution to reducing emissions

FuelsEurope calls for an effective global agreement at COP21 and in support of the conference objectives launches its Save More than Fuel campaign, promoting efficient driving behavior to reduce emi...

15/07/2015 Press Release

The competitiveness of energy intensive industries is a pre-condition for EU growth

Energy intensive industries are voicing concern about their capacity to remain competitive and attract investment in Europe following the publication of the Commission’s proposal for the reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). We call on EU policy makers to ensure that the post-2020 carbon leakage provisions fully offset direct and indirect costs at the level of best performers with no cross sectoral correction factor.

15/07/2015 Press Release

The ETS reform proposal falls short of effectively protecting EU refineries against carbon leakage

FuelsEurope welcomes the focus of the Commission on carbon leakage protection and the recognition of the key role of Energy Intensive Industries in the European economy. However, ETS proposals fai...

08/07/2015 Press Release

Automotive and Petroleum Refining Industry: open letter on Diesel to EU Policy Makers

In an open letter to EU policy makers, leading representatives of the automotive and petroleum refining industry in Europe committed to keep pushing the technical boundaries in order to find ever better ways of combining the customer benefits of diesel – in terms of fuel economy and low CO2 - with continuously reduced emissions.

17/06/2015 Press Release

Outcome of the 5th EU Refining Forum

During the 5th Refining Forum the Commission concluded that the Refining Fitness Check shows the impact of EU legislation on EU refining industry.

31/05/2015 Press Release

EU Petroleum Refining Fitness Check: Impact of EU Legislation on Sectoral Economic Performance

20/04/2015 Press Release

FuelsEurope and Concawe appoint a new Director General

Chris Beddoes, Director General of FuelsEurope and Concawe which represent and conduct research for European petroleum refiners, has elected to retire from his role. He will be replaced from 20th Apri...

25/02/2015 Press Release

Energy Union or electricity union? An incomplete package

12/01/2015 Press Release

Joint ACEA/FuelsEurope statement on French Ministerial Order to increse fame in Diesel

17/12/2014 Press Release

With the rejection of the motion for resolution by the European Parliament, the Fuel Quality Directive 6% GHG Reduction target can now be implemented

16/12/2014 Press Release

The European Refining industry calls for regulatory predictability and certainty to create a favourable investment framework

03/12/2014 Press Release

ENVI Committee rejection of Commission proposal to achieve the 6% GHG reduction from fuels by 2020 could create huge uncertainty on how the hundreds of European fuels suppliers can comply with this ambitious obligation.

FuelsEurope regrets the ENVI Committee’s decision to support the motion for resolution objecting the Commission’s proposal laying down calculation methods and reporting requirements under the Fuel...

24/10/2014 Press Release

FuelsEurope’s comments on the Council conclusions on the 2030 Climate & Energy Framework

Brussels, 24 October 2014:  Following publication of the Council Conclusions on 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework, the European refining industry welcomes the Council decision to extend the me...

25/07/2014 Press Release

FuelsEurope’s comments on the Energy Efficiency Communication published by the Commission

Brussels, 24 July 2014: The Energy Efficiency Communication makes a number of practical and realistic proposals, and recognises the need for measures that keep the costs of the whole energy system affordable for consumers. FuelsEurope, representing European petroleum refiners, highlights that with energy representing 60% of their cash costs and in order to remain globally competitive, EU refiners have developed the most energy efficient refineries in the world without mandatory measures.

03/06/2014 Press Release

Europia becomes FuelsEurope

Brussels, 4 June 2014: Europia, representing the interest of 43 Companies operating refineries in the EU, becomes FuelsEurope as of the 1st of June 2014.

17/03/2014 Press Release

EUROPIA welcomes the strong support and efforts of the Greek Presidency to create the conditions to boost investment to make energy-intensive industries more competitive and calls upon EU Leaders to define a clear strategy and take concrete actions at the

Brussels, 14 March 2014 – At a the conference on "Restoring the competitiveness on EU Energy Intensive Industries" which took place on the 5th of March under the auspices of the Greek Presidency, Minister for Development and Competitiveness, Kostis Hatzidakis stated that Europe needs more proactive policies to encourage investment in manufacturing and restore competitiveness in energy-intensive industries that have suffered in the crisis.

07/03/2014 Press Release

Create the conditions to boost investment to make energy-intensive industries more competitive, Greek Presidency says

Brussels, 6 March 2014 – Europe needs more proactive policies to encourage investment in manufacturing and restore competitiveness in energy-intensive industries that have suffered in the crisis, the Greek minister for Development and Competitiveness, Kostis Hatzidakis, told a conference organized under the auspices of the Greek Presidency.

22/01/2014 Press Release

Commission proposals on the 2030 energy and climate framework should have taken into account past experience: overlapping targets and unilateral GHG ambition is not the winning combination for a competitive EU economy

Brussels, 22 January 2014: EUROPIA is concerned that the framework for energy and climate to 2030, as proposed by the Commission today, did not avoid the most costly features of the 2008 package, notably assigning multiple targets for the same objective and imposing EU-only GHG reduction targets on industry. Despite the stated greater focus on competitiveness, the envisaged measures look likely to adversely impact it for an industry such as Refining.

28/11/2013 Press Release

The EU refining industry presented during the 2nd Refining Forum its Call

Brussels, 27 November 2013: At the 2nd Refining Forum chaired by DG Energy, the European refining Industry urged EU Leaders to take urgent action to tackle the competitive issues facing EU industry, including refining.

19/06/2013 Press Release

The ENVI vote on cap is a sensible approach to land use but the focus should remain on the intended greenhouse gas benefits

EUROPIA, representing the European refining industry, believes that the European Parliament’s Environment Committee vote on a legislative proposal intended to limit the use of conventional biofuels in order to stimulate development of advanced biofuels and use of electricity in road transport fail to set a clear and consistent framework for the industry needed to achieve the real environmental targets of both the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and Fuel Quality Directive (FQD).

18/04/2013 Press Release

Outcome of Refining Forum’s first meeting

Member States, Commission, MEPs and Industry held the first meeting of the Forum for EU Refining and discussed the situation of the EU refining industry, including both non EU competitive pressures and the impact of EU legislation.

17/04/2013 Press Release

The first meeting of the “Forum for EU Refining” organised by the Commission will take place on Friday 12 April 2013.

The European Commission, under the leadership of DG Energy, will host on 12 April 2013 the first meeting of the “Forum for EU Refining”, including Member States, Industry and other key stakeholders. The Forum will assess, monitor and make recommendations on the competitive situation of the European refining industry, looking in particular at the implications of EU legislation.

09/04/2013 Press Release

Growth and Employment first: Energy-Intensive Industries warn against competitiveness impacts of proposed changes to the EU ETS

The increase in ETS prices targeted by the Commission through short-term intervention will further increase energy prices and by the same token, competitive imbalance between EU and overseas Energy In...

09/03/2013 Press Release

Michel Bénézit is appointed President of CONCAWE, the oil companies’ European organisation for refining and distribution.

Michel Bénézit, former Executive Vice President and member of Total’s Group Executive Committee, was elected President of CONCAWE on March 14th 2013 for a two year term. He succeeds the outgoing President, Dr. Josef Waltl.

17/01/2013 Press Release


In a context of increasing competitive pressure on the downstream oil industry and significant restructuring, EU refining companies have merged their two Brussels based Associations CONCAWE & EUROPIA.

27/11/2012 Press Release

EUROPIA welcomes the decision by Commissioner Oettinger to set up a permanent forum for EU refining at the beginning of 2013 and the implication of this forum in the proposed fitness check of the sector.

Commissioner Günther Oettinger announced during the Conference on EU refining the creation at the beginning of 2013 of a “permanent forum for EU refining” that will monitor and assess the situation of the industry and the outcome of the fitness check proposed in the Industrial Policy Communication published by the Commission in October 2012, which will be undertaken in the first half of next year.

22/11/2012 Press Release

Commissioner Oettinger will host on 26 November 2012 a conference on “the future of EU refining: safeguarding competitiveness”

Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy, will host on 26 November 2012 a conference "The Future of refining in the EU: Safeguarding competitiveness" to identify means to address EU refining competitiveness challenges.

10/09/2012 Press Release

Isabelle Muller, EUROPIA Secretary General, nominated at UFIP. Chris Beddoes is EUROPIA’s Acting Secretary General

Brussels, 10 September 2012: Dr. Josef Waltl, EUROPIA President, announces that Mrs. Isabelle Muller, presently Secretary General of EUROPIA, the European Petroleum Industry Association, has been appointed “Déléguée Générale” at UFIP, Union Française des Industries Pétrolières and that she will consequently step down from the Secretary General position she holds since June 2007.

04/09/2012 Press Release

Jean-Pierre Debruxelles joins EUROPIA as Executive Officer in charge of Air Quality and refining issues.

Isabelle Muller, EUROPIA Secretary General announced that Mr. Jean-Pierre Debruxelles will join EUROPIA as Executive Officer in charge of Air Quality & Refining issues as per the 1st of October 2012.

15/05/2012 Press Release

Commissionner Oettinger is keen to ensure the competitiveness of the EU refining industry and called for a second Roundtable in November.

EUROPIA welcomes the strong support expressed by Member States and Members of the European Parliament to DG Energy’s proposed way forward to address the competitiveness challenges of the refining industry.

09/05/2012 Press Release

Industry to join Commissioner Oettinger and Members States for new Roundtable to address problems faced by the EU refining sector

EUROPIA, representing the oil refining industry in Europe, will join Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy, along with Member States at a first meeting of the EU Refining Roundtable on 15 May 2012 to address the problems faced by the EU refining sector and identify pathways forward.

06/02/2012 Press Release

EUROPIA Response to the Commission Roadmaps to 2050

The Commission has published a number of Communications, or Roadmaps, over the past 12 months looking at how the EU might adapt to global resource, climate and energy challenges to 2050.EUROPIA has re...

20/09/2011 Press Release

EUROPIA “Contribution to EU energy pathways to 2050” shows that oil will still be an important share of energy supply in the planned “low carbon” EU by 2050

According to the most recent IEA scenarios, the demand for oil products might decline in the EU by 11 % by 2030 and up to 50% by 2050, but refined oil products will still represent a share of close to...

06/09/2011 Press Release

Press Pack “White Paper on EU Refining”

A contribution of the EU refining industry to the EU energy debate.

06/09/2011 Press Release

Presspack on EUROPIA “Contribution to EU Energy Pathways 2050”

EUROPIA Contribution to EU energy pathways to 2050.