11/10/2018 Report

Key Findings on Ricardo Study

A comparison of mass electric vehicles adoption and low-carbon intensity fuels scenarios.You can read the interactive version here....

04/10/2018 Report

Vision 2050 – Specific Policy Proposal

Specific requests for a policy transition to promote investment in low-carbon technologies.Check the interactive version here....

04/10/2018 Report

Vision 2050 – A pathway for the evolution of the refining industry and liquid fuels

The Vision 2050 is the European Refining Industry's on low-carbon liquid fuels and products for developing a low-carbon system for all transport modes.You can check the interactive version here....

06/08/2018 Annual Report

Statistical Report 2018

High quality, verified and reliable facts and figures are essential to support economic and political analysis. For this purpose, FuelsEurope Statistical Report 2018 aims at providing a comprehe...

09/07/2018 Report

A governance structure for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

19/04/2018 Report

Vision 2050: A pathway for the evolution of the refining industry and liquid fuels

Check the online version of Vision 2050 here. ...

22/11/2017 Report

HEATING WITH LIQUID FUELS – A reliable heat supply for today and tomorrow

29/06/2017 Annual Report

Statistical Report 2017

30/09/2016 Report

FuelsEurope Workshop on Dynamic Allocation for Free Allowances in EU ETS

Online interactive version...

08/09/2016 Report

Vision Paper – The Future of Transport in the EU

Online interactive version...

07/09/2016 Report

Vision Paper – The Future of Transport in the EU – Q&A

28/06/2016 Annual Report

Annual Report 2015-2016

15/06/2016 Annual Report

Statistical Report 2016

02/06/2015 Annual Report

Annual Review 2014

02/06/2015 Annual Report

Statistical Report 2015

02/12/2014 Report

Shifting Gears for a New EU Industrial Partnership (ACEI Manifesto)

18/06/2014 Report

Statistical Report 2014

04/06/2014 Annual Report

FuelsEurope Annual review 2013

06/06/2013 Annual Report

Annual Report 2012

31/05/2012 Annual Report

Annual Report 2011

01/07/2011 Report

EUROPIA contribution to EU energy pathways to 2050

is an outlook into the future, outlining scenarios for demand for oil products in a low-carbon economy and the potential impacts on the refining and marketing industry. This report based on third parties data and studies offers a factual basis for the elements already outlined in the White Paper on EU Refining.

31/05/2011 Annual Report

Annual Report 2010

01/04/2011 Report

The White Paper on Fuelling EU Transport

is a comprehensive study on the most cost-efficient options to reduce CO2 emissions in transport while maintaining competitive and affordable mobility in Europe.

01/05/2010 Report

The White Paper on EU Refining

is a comprehensive study on the status of EU refining providing strong background material on the industry and its contribution to EU energy supply and economic welfare, which aims at developing a valuable and realistic contribution to the EU energy.

01/12/2009 Annual Report

EUROPIA 2009 Activity Report

01/12/2008 Annual Report

EUROPIA 2008 Activity Report

01/01/2008 Report

Study on Oil refining and Oil markets

Prepared for the European Commission. Prepared by Purvin & Gertz.

01/12/2007 Annual Report

EUROPIA 2007 Activity Report

01/12/2006 Annual Report

EUROPIA 2006 Activity Report – Part 1