Fuel Quality Directive – Article 7a

The Fuel Quality Directive update of April 2009 has set – next to the technical standards for road transport fuels – an obligation on fuel suppliers to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity of automotive fuels marketed in 2020 by 6% compared to the GHG intensity of all automotive fuels used in 2010. This GHG emission reduction intensity is defined under article 7a of directive 2009/30/EC. The implementing directive of April 2015 (directive 2015/652) defines how to calculate the GHG intensity of automotive fuels and was established after a long debate.

In the context of the release of the Fit for 55 Package by the European Commission in July 2021, FuelsEurope calls for the discontinuation of the Fuel Quality Directive Article 7a. The revision of the Renewable Energy Directive as proposed by the Commission in the FF55 package aims at ambitiously driving the decarbonisation of the energy system, including transport. We welcomed the transport target expressed in terms of GHG reduction, as it is more effective in stimulating the deployment of alternative fuels than a target expressed in percent of renewable energy. Overlapping between policy instruments should be avoided and that is why we believe the Fuel Quality Directive art.7 should be discontinued.

With the publication of the Fit for 55 Package the European Commission recommends the discontinuation of the Fuel Quality Directive.