Air Policy Package

The EU refining industry supports the principle of seeking cost-effective solutions to improve air quality.

In December 2013, the Year of Air, the European Commission finalised its long-running air policy review to see how the EU can “achieve levels of air quality that do not result in unacceptable impacts on, and risks to, human health and the environment”, and adopted the new EU Air Policy Package, consisting of:

  • A communication, ‘A Clean Air Programme for Europe’, which set out targets for health improvements
  • A proposal for a Directive on Medium Combustion Plants (MCPD), setting emission limit values for combustion units with under 50MW of thermal capacity was adopted in November 2015.
  • A proposal for a new Directive on National Emissions Ceiling aiming to reduce Member States emissions for five pollutants, a provisional agreement of this text was reached June 30, 2016.

FuelsEurope’s position

FuelsEurope supports the principle of seeking cost-effective solutions to improve air quality in the EU. In order for domestic industry to be able to grow competitively, we believe that goals for environmental performance should take into account how far Member States can achieve them cost-effectively. Legislation must be designed on the basis of sound science, including cost-benefit and sensitivity analysis.  Environmental performance goals should be drawn up that will allow Member States’ domestic industries to compete effectively and to continue their contributions to the recent great improvements in European air quality.