EUROPIA position on the Commission Proposal for a Directive on Industrial Emissions (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)(Recast). COM(2007)844

Posted on 01/05/2008 in Position Paper

While fully acknowledging the task to reducethe effect of pollution on human health and the environment, EUROPIA is of the view that the European Union policies should be based on the key principles of:

• The use of sound science.

• Goal based legislation with established environmental objectives.

• Cost-effectiveness of measures.

• Feasible and practical implementation.

EUROPIA has therefore welcomed the general development in environmental regulation from prescriptive regulation towards a holistic and goal based approach, for example the approach used in the Thematic Strategy for Air Pollution. This development allows the stakeholders, Member States and operators, to find cost-effective solutions that respect environmental needs as well as practical and socio/economic factors.