Joint letter on the inclusion of sustainable renewable fuels in the EU mobility legislation

Posted on 01/12/2020 in Joint Statements

The signatories of this joint letter represent a crucial part of the automotive, fuel, energy industry and civil society in Europe, i.e. a combined force behind the transformation of mobility towards climate neutrality in a smart and sustainable way. The European Union has set itself the ambitious objective of becoming climate-neutral by 2050 and consequently raised its 2030 climate target. Whether the objective will be achieved and what impact this will have on EU competitiveness and employment strongly depends on the design of a suite of climate policies for the coming years. Transport and future mobility will be a central element of these policies. The EU’s long-term climate strategy cannot rely solely on the development of new technologies and infrastructures; it must embrace a diverse portfolio of solutions in parallel, including existing sustainable renewable liquid and gaseous fuel solutions that can reduce greenhouse gases starting today. Against this ambition, the EU Commission will outline the Sustainable and SmartMobility Strategy and revise important mobility and energy legislations, such as CO2 emissions standard for cars, vans and also heavy-duty vehicles. These upcoming revisions are the timely opportunity to implement a truly technology-neutral approach by including the contribution to emissions reduction achieved using sustainable renewable fuels.