Low-carbon mobility with renewable fuels – Affordability and accessibility of passenger cars for EU-consumers

Posted on 22/12/2021 in Report


In the context of the energy transition of the European refining sector towards climate neutrality, FuelsEurope has asked studio Gear Up to study the societal impacts and the consequences of light duty fleet electrification on access to passenger vehicles for the EU citizens. studio Gear Up has been asked to compare the option of low carbon liquid fuels in the mix of options for passenger cars and assess the broader economic impacts of the uptake of the Low Carbon Liquid Fuels (LCLFs). In this research we have looked at how a battery electric vehicle (BEV) compares with an internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) in 16 selected European Member States on basis of total cost of ownership (TCO).3 The current status of battery electric vehicle
adoption in the European passenger consumer market will be discussed. Analysis of the European Commission’s policy framework and other references will be used for an assessment to what extent Low Carbon Liquid Fuels can be considered a cost-effective option.

Full report here.

Report’s annex, “Affordability of battery-electric vehicles in the EU, here.