Reaction from industrial stakeholders on the process the European Commission is following in the DG GROW Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) on Euro 7

Posted on 08/12/2020 in Joint Statements

The undersigned associations represent the European vehicle manufacturers (ACEA), the suppliers (CLEPA), the fuel industry (FuelsEurope), the natural gas vehicle industry (NGVA) and the international road transport organisation (IRU). In their own way, each have a major interest in the content of any new potential European regulation for pollutant emissions and also in the way such a regulation is debated, prepared and framed in an eventual proposal of the European Commission to the colegislators.
Each association has attended all of the Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) meetings held so far and have been supporting the DG GROW ‘CLOVE’ consortium and the European Commission with their on‐going studies to evaluate a new pollutant emission regulation and the potential content of such a new regulation.