Spain Consumer Survey on Future Mobility Options

Spaniards want more support for the development of low-carbon fuels

Spanish citizens want to have the freedom to choose which car to buy. They have a preference for buying vehicles with some type of combustion engine, new or second-hand, as long as they comply with the emission limit.

According to the Spanish results of the Consumer Survey on Future Mobility Options in Europe, 76% of those surveyed are in favour of always having freedom of choice, regardless of the technology, while only 8% are do not agree.

Spanish respondents are convinced that transport will change fundamentally (69%) in the coming years, but support for the electric car as the only solution is less than half (48%), while support for the development of multiple low-carbon mobility options is 80%.

The survey ran by the independent polling company Opinium, has been carried out under the initiative of FuelsEurope. The study, whose field work was carried out in mid-September, gathers the opinion of 10,000 interviewees in different countries of the European Union, of which 10% (1,000) reside in Spain.