Delegated Directive amending Annex IX to Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council

FuelsEurope, the Association representing European fuel manufacturers, strongly supports the EU objective of net climate neutrality in 2050 and the circular economy, and stands ready to support policy makers to reach such goals.

We warmly welcome the initiative of the European Commission to propose a draft DA to update the list of sustainable biofuel and biogas feedstocks in Annex IX of (EU) 2018/2001 as an important element for our members to continue transforming and accelerate the production of advanced biofuels. In view of the draft version kindly published for feedback, we would like to share with the European Commission some relevant aspects to be considered in the final text of the as a result of our industry’s analysis.

It is essential that the review of Annex IX recognises both the need for a long-term clarity on a feedstock classification and the scalability of available feedstocks.

The timeline over which industry invests and produces fuels is measured in decades – therefore long-term certainty in feedstock classification is a key enabler to secure investment to produce biofuels and biogas at scale in order to achieve the EU’s climate neutrality ambitions and energy security, especially for the decarbonisation of the hard to abate transport sectors.