Statistical Report 2022

Learn more about the EU Refining Industry through our Statistical Report. This year, we have included some graphs to show the EU import dependency in light of the impact of the Russian war on Ukraine.

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Low-carbon mobility with renewable fuels

Only a combination of electrification and other low-carbon technology options for passenger cars and vans will allow faster decarbonisation of road transport. Discover more of studio Gear Up’s study.

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“Sustainable biomass availability in the EU, by 2050” shows that the total EU potential sustainable biomass availability is more than sufficient to supply feedstock for bio-based liquid fuels to aviation, maritime and a share of road transport.

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Fit for 55 package

FuelsEurope recommendations on the decarbonisation of transport

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About us

FuelsEurope was known until June 2014 as EUROPIA, which was formed in 1989 to represent the interests of Companies conducting refinery operations in the EU with the EU Institutions.

Our Members

FuelsEurope members together representing almost the entire crude oil capacity in the EU.

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