Continuous investments

Many European refineries are closely integrated with the petrochemical industry which Employs 750.000 people in Europe people and accounts for 240 billion euro annual sales.

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Fuelling EU economy

Europe’s refineries add significant economic value to the economy: €23B a year of added value to local and national economies and €270B a year in taxes and duties on fuels for Member States.

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Future of transport

Transport, fuelled at 94% by oil liquid fuels, performs a fundamental service to society offering the ability to move goods, people and services.

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Reliable Supply

European Refineries provide a reliable supply to European consumers and industries within a global and highly competitive marketplace.

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Save More Than Fuel

The way you drive is not only important for you, your families and others. It also matters to our environment. The European Petroleum Refining Industry offers 10 efficient driving tips to help you reduce fuel, consumption and contribute to cleaner and safer life-styles.

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Vision 2050

A pathway for the evolution of the refining industry and liquid fuels

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Our Members

FuelsEurope members together representing almost the entire crude oil capacity in the EU.

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