FuelEU Maritime

Consultation Response: FuelsEurope supports the Green Deal’s ambition for climate neutrality in 2050 and will work with the EU institutions, member states, and stakeholders, to help create the essential enabling policy framework. In this EU policy framework debate on the 2030 GHG reduction target and the 2050 climate neutrality objective, the decarbonisation of transport – a sector with far-reaching implications and unique challenges- is a precious opportunity for the EU economy to:

  • Develop and deploy innovative low-carbon technologies in vehicles, vessels and fuels/energy;
  • Create economic value for the transport systems and to help the relevant EU industries achieve world-leadership.

At the same time, the transition should carefully address the societal aspects deriving from the changes in employment pattern, skills requirements and inequalities between EU regions and sectors of society.

The Fuel EU maritime proposal is a step in the right direction to support the development and the deployment of sustainable marine fuels.

However, efforts to reduce emissions from the maritime activities covered by European legislation should remain coherent with those in place or under development at IMO level.

We welcome the well-to-wake emissions standard as the adequate measure to drive the development and deployment of sustainable alternative marine fuels. As a complement to this metric, we would like the regulation provides credits for fuels or fuels pathways, e.g.  using carbon capture and storage which have a well-to-tank carbon intensity value lower than the default ones.

The optionality for demonstration of lower carbon intensity pathways, proposed for non-fossil fuels and tank-to-wake emissions in the regulation, should be extended to well-to-tank fossil fuel pathways, based on evidence provided by the requestor and certified through an independent, accredited body.

FuelsEurope is ready to work with the EU to contribute to the decarbonisation of the mobility sector in a sustainable, affordable and social inclusive way.