FuelsEurope launches its website www.cleanfuelsforall.eu

FuelsEurope launches today a micro-website dedicated to the industry’s “Clean Fuels forAll” pathway which shows how low-carbon liquid fuels can contribute to achieving climate neutrality in transport by 2050.

The “Clean Fuels for All” pathway presented in June 2020 by the European refining industry shows how low-carbon liquid fuels could enable the transport sector to contribute to delivering EU’s climate neutrality objective by 2050, provided the necessary enabling framework is established, and through more partnerships.

Alain Mathuren, Communication Director of FuelsEurope, commented, “The Clean Fuels for All pathway is ambitious and deserves a platform to inform “in-depth" our broad stakeholder community. We, therefore, are really excited to launch our website www.cleanfuelsforall.eu. It aims at becoming the reference information source for policymakers, industrial partners, media, civil society and consumers.”

Alain Mathuren added, “This website will be continuously updated as policy proposals will develop, as new partnerships are agreed and implemented, and last but not least, as new industrial projects are initiated to show the progress achieved in deploying the low-carbon technologies.”

The refining industry’s transformation has begun, and we need everyone on board.