Joint Industry statement on the EU Air Policy Review

Industry is deeply concerned by aspects of the upcoming EC proposals in the Air Policy Review, in particular the proposed level of ambition for emission reduction targets (so-called “75% gap closure” scenario) and target year (2025).

Level of ambition: 50% rather than 75% “gap closure” for emission reductions

There are three key elements which inform the setting of the emission reduction commitments: the emission reductions that will be delivered by current legislation, the costs of going beyond current legislation, and the environmental benefits of further measures. We have misgivings about the robustness of all three: uncertainties in underlying energy projections; uncertainties and errors in the way emission projections are calculated based on a view of current EU/National legislation; and uncertainties about the benefits methodology used to derive ambition levels.

As a result, the proposed high environmental ambition levels are at significant risk of being unattainable which would consequently lead to additional requirements going beyond what is technically feasible and have detrimental effects for EU industry’s competitiveness and EU jobs.

We, therefore, believe it is reasonable to call for the application of a 50% gap closure level of ambition.