The Net Zero Industry Act: a fast lane, but not wide enough

Brussels, 16 March 2023: FuelsEurope recognises the Net Zero Industry Act published today as step in the right directions, in that it pursues the objective to create the conditions for a quick uptake of the technologies needed for a transition to a climate-neutral economy.

We welcome the inclusion of sustainable alternative fuels in the list of “net-zero technologies”, but we regret that they are strictly limited to fuels used in maritime transport and aviation. The integration of renewable and low-carbon fuels for road transport would provide important benefits and synergies, allowing to exploit the full potential of these technologies for a net-zero transport future.

Renewable fuels of non-biological origin and CCUS are also included in the list of “net-zero technologies”, in a welcome recognition of their importance.

However, the Commission proposal goes further to establish a project fast-lane (in terms of access to incentives and to accelerated permitting procedures), of technologies selected from the list of “net-zero technologies” and labelled as “strategic”.

We need to better understand the selection criteria, as we find questionable the exclusion of sustainable alternative fuels, CCUS and renewable fuels of non-biological origin from the strategic fast-lane of projects. The EU needs these technologies – and should prioritise them – for an efficient, quick decarbonisation of transport and of other sectors of the economy, while enhancing the EU security of supply and its leadership in low and zero-carbon technologies.

We are looking forward to the next steps of the policy debate on this proposal and we are keen to provide a constructive contribution.