A win-win situation for climate and jobs

Ensuring a just transition toward a climate-neutral society and economy is one of the main objectives that policymakers, businesses and civil society have to successfully achieve.
The impact of the transition on jobs, businesses and local communities should not be underestimated. A important number of jobs in the “old or conventional” industry are likely be at risk in the EU, with a direct impact on regional and local economies.

A share of those job losses will be replaced in growing and new sectors. But not all workers will have the opportunity to take a new professional route. Indeed, professional skills, training and experience might not fit with the new sectors and proposed jobs.

Designing support schemes for conventional industries to transform towards climate neutrality will undeniably contribute to our climate objectives but also enable the creation of new value chains and stimulate economic growth. Such progressive transition of conventional sectors is likely to facilitate also the transition of the workers, ensuring so a just transition.

This session looks in particular at the example of shift from fossil to low-carbon liquid fuels and assess the social & economic impact of this transition, with a focus on new value chains, jobs and the economic benefits for regional and local economies.

Find the video recording of this session here.

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