The science & technologies behind low-carbon liquid fuels

The refining industry’s Clean Fuels for All pathway is based on scenarios and studies developed by Concawe, the European refining industry’s scientific and technical body, within its Low Carbon Pathways programme. This programme aims at exploring the potential, both in quantitative terms and over a reference timeline, of the production of low-carbon liquid fuels until 2050, their effective contribution to the decarbonisation of transport and the scale and cost of the required industry transformation.

Understanding the methodology and assumptions to better assess the feasibility of the proposed strategy is of course fundamental. Likewise, comprehending the readiness level of the proposed technological routes, their potential to be deployed at scale in a near future, and the opportunity to be integrated in the existing fuelling system and infrastructure are furthermore important aspects to consider.

This session features experts from the industry and academia to discuss the science and the technologies supporting Fuels Europe’s low-carbon liquid fuels strategy.

Find the video recording of this session here.

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