FuelsEurope’s views and amendments to the Energy Taxation Directive

FuelsEurope, representing the European refining sector, supports the Green Deal’s objectives for climate neutrality in 2050 and is eager to help create the essential policy framework to enable the EU’s decarbonisation that would need a holistic regulatory framework, effective policies and an industrial strategy to encourage and support industries to invest in a low carbon economy and consumers to adopt low-carbon technologies.

We believe that the decarbonisation of transport will be a precious opportunity for the EU economy to both develop & deploy innovative renewable and low-carbon technologies in vehicles, airplanes, vessels and fuels, helping EU industries achieve world leadership in this area. With this perspective, FuelsEurope is ready to work with the EU Institutions to deliver the 2050 climate objectives in a sustainable, affordable and socially inclusive way. At the same time, the transition should carefully address the societal aspects deriving from the changes in employment pattern, skills requirements and inequalities between EU regions and sectors of society.