Marine Fuels 2020 Statement ahead of the IMO MEPC 73 meeting

The implementation of the IMO 0.50% wt. global sulphur limit as of 1 January 2020 represents an unprecedented challenge for both the bunker supply and shipping industries, as it will result in a very significant change in global marine fuel requirements.

The Marine Fuels Platform members support the adoption of uniform, clear and easily enforceable measures to facilitate global compliance with, and promote alignment amongst all Parties to the Convention, for a consistent implementation of this global sulphur limit.

The time left for assuring global compliance is tight. However, with a view to promote a fair and level global playing field for all affected industries, the Marine Fuels Platform members do NOT support any suggestions that would de facto lead to a postponement of the date of implementation in some regions of the world, leading to a distortion of competition.